Michelle Cuevas Stubblefield

Senior Vice President of Strategy
Cell 785-430-1325

Michelle Cuevas Stubblefield is a woman who lives and works by her passions. From advocating for leadership development for women and the Hispanic community, to implementing equity and preserving the stories of her community, Michelle is driven by her responsibility to community thought leadership. She is a force to be reckoned with in the marketing and advertising industry, having worked for over 28 years in the field.

Michelle currently serves on the Executive Leadership Team of the Greater Topeka Partnership, where she runs Leadership Greater Topeka, a 39-year program that aims to build leadership, community pride, and inspire action to serve Topeka and Shawnee County. She also leads MOMENTUM 2027, a comprehensive, actionable, and holistic economic development community plan that involves everyone in creating positive change for the community.

As the overseer of the Resource Development team at the Partnership, Michelle provides strategic facilitation for business and nonprofit organizations, supports strategy development for all the organizations within the Greater Topeka Partnership, and administers Executive Immersion Services (EIS), a C-Suite executive service that quickly networks new executive leadership into the community.

Michelle is a woman who serves various community and business partners. She founded MANA de Topeka, a local chapter of the MANA National Organization, and served as the Past National Chair. She also chairs the Parks for All Foundation, is an executive officer of the Latino Leadership Collaborative, and completed board service with the Kansas Historical Society. Michelle’s most recent passion project was completing the bronze statue installation of her grandmother, Teresa Cuevas, one of the first all-female mariachi in the United States, on Kansas Ave.

While her work is incredibly important, Michelle’s biggest responsibility is to her family. She is married to Chris and has two grown children.

How does your role contribute to the organization's efforts to improve the local economy?
I get to build leadership, mobilize change and think strategically. what could be more fun than that?
In your opinion, what are some of the most important factors in building a strong and sustainable local economy?
Not doing they same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Being willing to take risks and experiment. We might not get it right the first time… but that just means we are one step closer to success and never giving into negativity.
How does the organization involve and engage with the local community to ensure its economic development efforts are aligned with their needs and priorities?
We ask, invite, and truly care about what the community wants and needs, we are always asking ourselves – who we are leaving out of the discussion and how we better engage with all community stakeholders.

Michelle is always up for a challenge, even if that means scaling a 13-story building. She's not one to shy away from trying new things and pushing herself to the limit. As someone who truly loves what she does, Michelle brings that same passion and energy to every aspect of her life. Whether it's leading the charge on community development initiatives or taking on daring feats, Michelle is always ready to go above and beyond.

Teresa Cuevas Statue

Michelle’s most recent passion project is a beautiful bronze statue on Kansas Ave. honoring her grandmother, Teresa Cuevas, who was one of the first all-female mariachis in the United States. This statue is not only a testament to Michelle’s family history but also to the rich cultural heritage of the Hispanic community in the Topeka area. It is a beautiful way to keep these stories alive for generations to come.

MIchelle Headshot