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Unlock the Power of Health Insurance for Your Small Business with Chamber Blue of Kansas!

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know how important it is to take care of your employees. Now, we have an incredible opportunity for you to provide them with top-notch health insurance while saving costs at the same time. Introducing Chamber Blue of Kansas, the association health plan that brings together employers like you to purchase insurance as a united force.

Imagine the advantages of joining forces with a larger pool of people enrolled in the plan – it means lower costs for everyone! Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas has revolutionized the health insurance landscape by partnering with over 30 chambers of commerce organizations across Kansas. Together, we are making affordable health insurance a reality for small businesses like yours.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas offers Long-term success + Best practices

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas is widely recognized for their expertise and esteemed reputation as a Health Insurance Carrier. They pride themselves on offering stable rates that are highly respected and valued by their customers. Traditionally these were only available to larger companies, but now smaller employers can access the advantages of large group benefits through their services.

Process and Eligibility: Small Business Focused

We understand that navigating the enrollment process for Chamber Blue of Kansas can seem daunting, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Rest assured that we want you to feel well-informed and at ease throughout the process. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the steps to enroll:

  1. Make sure your business qualifies as a small business with a staff size ranging from two to 50 employees. This ensures that you meet the eligibility criteria for Chamber Blue of Kansas.
  2. Become a member of the Greater Topeka Partnership. Membership is a requirement to participate in Chamber Blue of KS. It offers additional benefits and resources to support your business growth as well.
  3. Complete the required interest survey. This survey is designed to gauge the interest of your business in Chamber Blue of KS. It’s important to note that filling out the survey does not guarantee automatic entry into the program. Additionally, provide any necessary rating documentation to meet underwriting and risk requirements.

Remember, these steps are just the beginning of the enrollment process for new businesses interested. Existing Chamber Blue participants will have the opportunity to renew in October. A dedicated representative from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas will be there to assist you throughout the entire journey. They will address any questions or concerns you may have, providing personalized support and guidance.

Here’s an overview of the subsequent timeline for the enrollment process:

By following these initial steps and maintaining open communication with our representative, you can confidently progress through the enrollment process. We’re committed to providing you with comprehensive information and support, enabling you to make an informed decision if the Chamber Blue of Kansas program is right for your business.


Chamber Blue of Kansas offers a range of valuable benefits to both employers and employees:
BlueAccess Account: Employees gain 24/7 access to a powerful online tool, allowing them to manage their Blue Cross plan seamlessly. They can find doctors, understand benefits, track healthcare costs, and access their digital ID cards with ease.

Extensive Provider Network: With the largest network in Kansas, employees have the flexibility to choose from 99% of doctors and 100% of hospitals within our service area. Coverage extends worldwide.
Exclusive Provider Discounts: Chamber Blue offers exclusive discounts to optimize affordability for employees.

Employer BlueAccess Account: Employers have their own account to efficiently manage their employee roster and provide ID cards when needed. Effective communication tools, such as webinars, brochures, email templates, and enrollment worksheets, help employers inform employees about the plan and its benefits. Spanish materials are available as well.

HealthyOptions Program: Prioritizing members’ overall health, this program provides hands-on health tools, disease and case management, behavioral health support, and a personalized health and wellness platform powered by WebMD ONE. Blue365 offers additional resources for healthier living.
Telehealth Services: Accessible and convenient, employees can consult with U.S. board-certified doctors anytime, anywhere through Amwell. No appointments or waiting time required, and prescriptions can be provided as needed.

Additional benefits include Prime Therapeutics, life insurance (basic and voluntary), disability insurance, dental coverage, and specialty benefits such as Secure 300/Secure HIP.

Chamber Blue of Kansas is committed to meeting the diverse needs of small business owners and their employees by providing comprehensive coverage, accessible healthcare services, and valuable resources for a healthier lifestyle.

Discover more benefits on The Chamber Blue Kansas website.

Don't Miss Out

This is a time-sensitive opportunity! Act now before it’s too late. The employee survey required for your business to express interest in Chamber Blue of Kansas closes on August 18. The survey must be completed before enrollment in the plan can occur. If you don’t take action by the survey deadline, you’ll have to wait until next year to enroll.

Seize this incredible chance to provide your employees with top-tier health insurance while reducing costs for your small business. Join Chamber Blue of Kansas today and unlock the power of united healthcare.

To learn more and take the first step towards a healthier and more prosperous future, click here to complete the interest survey. Your response is crucial in securing the benefits of Chamber Blue.

Together, let’s pave the way to a brighter, healthier tomorrow for your small business and its valued employees. Don’t wait – time is running out! Take action now and make the most of this limited-time opportunity.

1. Are you an employer with more than two and less than 50 employees?

2. Are you a Greater Topeka Partnership Member? If not, join now!

3. Fill out the Interest Survey.

  • Businesses currently enrolled in Chamber Blue do not need to complete the survey.  Once renewal rates are released in October, a BCBSKS representative will reach out to review the renewal.
  • The business must complete the survey to be eligible to see the rates and enroll for a 1/1/24 enrollment.
  • The 2024 plan will be for businesses with employees of 2-50
    • Groups over 50 employees that are currently enrolled in Chamber Blue will be grandfathered.

The Chamber Blue of Kansas program is brought to you in partnership with :

If you would like to visit with someone at the Topeka Partnership about how your membership works with Chamber Blue or to discuss anything else membership related, please reach out to

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