focus on equity

Equity is central to our goals and objectives. It is the lens through which we will view everything we do and all we achieve. Similar to Momentum 2022, Topeka and Shawnee County’s new five-year strategy is oriented around a set of top-line goals and underlying objectives that contain key initiatives designed to achieve desired outcomes represented by a holistic set of performance and activity benchmarks. Centering equity in Momentum 2027 will inform all aspects of how the initiative is advanced.

a place to live
a place to prosper
  • Housing for All
  • Active Core & Neighborhoods
  • Arts & Recreation
  • Retain & Expand
  • Launch & Develop
  • Promote & Attract
a place to learn
a place to belong
  • Cradle through Career
  • Access to Opportunity
  • Engaged & Empowered
  • Proud & Aware
  • Recruit & Retain Talent


Housing for All: Support for development of new and rehabilitated for-sale and rental housing across all styles and price points to make Greater Topeka a more competitive location for talent.

Active Core and Neighborhoods: Continuing the community’s renaissance through ongoing downtown revitalization and renewed support for diverse, well-maintained, thriving, safe, and sustainable neighborhoods.

Arts and Recreation: Making Greater Topeka a more dynamic community of choice by enhancing local arts facilities and programs and developing new active recreation amenities.


Retain and Expand: Provision of customized, high-value existing-business retention and expansion programming and services to advance growth and talent-acquisition needs.

Launch and Develop: Support for entrepreneurship, innovation, and small business development through new facilities, programs, and ecosystem-building activities.

Promote and Attract: Implementation of marketing and business-recruitment programming and developer-engagement activities to successfully attract employers in targeted, well-paying sectors.


Cradle through Career: Coordination of support services and programming from birth through career to guarantee that students graduate ready for post-secondary education or the workplace.

Access to Opportunity: Ensure that adults seeking to access training for new or improved employment opportunities have the support and guidance necessary to succeed.

Engaged and Empowered: Building a culture of equity and inclusion to enable all residents to live fulfilling lives through access to quality education, wealth-creating employment, and positions of influence and leadership.

Proud and Aware: Improving levels of pride by equipping stakeholders with the knowledge, information, and perspective to tell positive stories about local assets and opportunities.

Recruit and Retain Talent: Enhancing workforce competitiveness by attracting skilled workers and retaining local talent through engagement in personal, professional, and community networks.