What is an Ambassador

The Topeka Partnership Ambassadors are made up of individual members of the Topeka Partnership and act to fill in the public relations arm. They can be found at ribbon cuttings, Business Unwind, After Hours, Power Breakfast and other Topeka Partnership events, welcoming everyone with a warm smile. Their networking skills are beyond compare and they are quick to help a new member take full benefit of their membership. They represent the Topeka Partnership as supportive and hospitable volunteers that work closely with the membership, resource development and events teams.

Point System

The ambassador program runs off of a point system to reward and recognize those volunteers that truly commit to becoming an ambassador of the Topeka Partnership. Their dedication and commitment has already been proven and this system is in place to call out those that are going above and beyond in their duties. All report sheets must be turned in 30 days after the assignments to count for points. Throughout the year, ambassadors will get points based on the following:

Attend a Ribbon Cutting

10 PTS

Assist at Power Breakfast or Business Unwind


New Membership Sold (name must be listed on new member application)

10 PTS

Monthly Meeting Attendance

10 PTS

Attend a Business Unwind

10 PTS

Attend Power Breakfast

10 PTS

Additional Volunteer Opportunities Throughout the Year (will be communicated)



Ambassadors are expected to attend events when they can and take the role of Ambassador seriously. The position can be quite a bit of fun but it still represents the professionalism and standards that the Topeka Partnership stands for. Each ambassador should maintain a sense of responsibility and maintain a good working knowledge of the Topeka Partnerships operations in order to answer questions that other members may have while advocating for the vision of the organization. 

Meeting Dates/Times

Ambassador meetings take place at noon on the first Friday of each month at member’s restaurants and will be posted on the events page Home (topekapartnership.com).

Ambassador Directory

Meet your Topeka Partnership Ambassadors