METL is a regional coalition of the Manhattan, Emporia, Topeka, and
Lawrence Chambers of Commerce, which seeks to leverage the
combined strength of nearly 3,000 member businesses and
organizations, represented by 30 elected representatives and senators
in our region.

2024 Legislative Priorities

Public Universities. The Concurrent-Diploma Plus Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide three
universally accessible postsecondary courses for academically eligible high school juniors and seniors in Kansas.
This innovative program aims to bridge the educational gap by utilizing a new state fund to cover the costs of course
delivery, enabling students to enroll at no expense, excluding book costs.

Technical Colleges. The proposed Kansas Technical College High Impact Investment Fund would provide
outcomes-based investment resources to technical colleges with an emphasis on industry-recognized credential
and/or academic completion. Technical colleges throughout the state partner with existing and prospective Kansas
employers to design degree programs that match the skills today’s employers need to thrive and grow.

Childcare. The METL Coalition supports efforts to streamline state programs that impact the delivery of childcare
services. This current system is spread across several state agencies, creating bureaucracy that hinders our ability to
efficiently implement the necessary interventions and solutions to scale up the delivery of high quality, affordable
early childcare, and education.

Other Issues

Fiscally responsible taxation. METL supports a tax policy that encourages business growth and is competitive with surrounding states. This includes seeking ways to make state tax reporting requirements more business friendly, especially for small businesses.

Transportation. Protect existing transportation funding sources (sales tax, fuel tax, bonding, vehicle registration fees, etc.) Undiminished funding of the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation.

Workforce housing. Explore ways to help the residential real estate market meet the growing demand for quality housing in all our communities. Incentivize residential development by expanding the Rural Housing Incentive District beyond rural counties to help address housing shortages.

Military. Strengthening the Governor’s Military Council. The GMC is a key partner working to grow and optimize the military presence in Kansas. GMC leverages this growth into additional defense related industry and jobs.

Medicaid Expansion. KanCare expansion will help stimulate the economy and create thousands of jobs. A study by an economist from Kansas State University found that expanding KanCare would create more than 23,000 new jobs. It would protect access to care and save jobs, especially in rural areas.

Juliet Abdel
Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce

Jeanine McKenna
President & CEO
Emporia Chamber of Commerce

Mike Matson
Director of External Affairs
Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce