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Erin Young

Marketing and Communications Account Manager

Meet Erin Young, the Marketing Manager for GO Topeka at the Greater Topeka Partnership, and a proud native of Topeka, Kansas. Erin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and an MBA from Washburn University, where she also played basketball for Tabor College and Independence Community College.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Erin has a passion for sports that has remained strong even beyond her college years. She now coaches high school girls basketball and enjoys staying active and participating in various sports. When she’s not coaching or working, she channels her creativity into DIY projects that keep her mind sharp.

Erin’s marketing journey started with her design degree, and she has used her skills to develop creative strategies and impactful campaigns for various companies throughout her career. As a Marketing Manager at GO Topeka, Erin’s focus is on promoting Topeka as a premier destination for businesses and individuals. She takes pride in showcasing the city’s unique attributes and fostering economic growth.

Overall, Erin is a driven and energetic individual with a passion for creativity and community involvement. She brings this same level of energy to both her personal and professional pursuits, making her a valuable asset to the Greater Topeka Partnership and the Topeka community.

What's one small change that an individual or family can make to contribute to the local economy's growth?

Just being proud of the strides that Topeka has made thus far. Every place has positive and negative things about it. Instead of complaining about the negative, promote the positive and find ways to turn the negative into something you would be proud of!

How does your role contribute to the organization's efforts to improve the local economy?

Being the GO Topeka Marketing Manager allows me to promote all of the great businesses and people we have here! Not only do i help promote what we have here and ways we can help businesses and entrepreneurs thrive here, it helps attract people and businesses that we dont have. I look at my job as getting people who aren’t in our community excited about living and doing business here and I think that’s super exciting!

In your opinion, what are some of the most important factors in building a strong and sustainable local economy?

I think the community taking pride in what Topeka has to offer and the potential of what Topeka can be is a huge factor. We can’t get stuck in what Topeka used to be or has struggled with in the past, we have to look to the future and not only think of ways to make it better but actually DO something to make it better!

Erin Young isn't just a Marketing Manager at GO Topeka, she's also a coach extraordinaire! When she's not busy promoting Topeka as a premier destination for businesses and individuals, you can find Erin on the basketball court coaching high school girls at Topeka West High School. With her wealth of experience as a basketball player herself, Erin brings a unique perspective and a winning attitude to the team. She's not afraid to get in the game and show them how it's done, all while keeping the team motivated and focused on their goals. With Erin as their coach, these girls are sure to have a slam dunk of a season!


Erin Young can often be found exploring NOTO, the North Topeka Arts District, which she considers one of the most vibrant and creative areas of Topeka. She loves visiting the many galleries, boutiques, and restaurants that populate the district, and enjoys being surrounded by the art and energy of the community. Whether she’s browsing local shops or grabbing a bite to eat, Erin always finds something new and exciting to discover in NOTO.