The Spirit of Kansas Blues Festival at Lake Shawnee on July 4, 2022.

Ashlee Spring

Director of Investor Relations

Meet Ashlee Spring – the Director of Investor Relations for the Greater Topeka Partnership, and a true Topeka enthusiast. With her infectious energy and passion for her community, Ashlee is a fundraising force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a master at bringing in the big bucks, but she also knows how to have a good time – whether that’s busting out some dance moves or belting out karaoke hits. When she’s not busy making Topeka a better place, you can find Ashlee exploring the city’s vibrant social scene, sipping on fancy cocktails, and hitting the trails with her loyal husky, Luna. For Ashlee, giving back to the community that has given her so much is a top priority – and she’s always ready to spread the love and cheer wherever she goes.

Can you share a funny or heartwarming story from your work in community economic development?
I always get messages on Facebook from strangers or from people I knew as a kid, asking me what there is to do in Topeka. Some ask me the best places to park for events or where to take their family who is in town for the weekend or what vendors I recommend for them planning their own events. It makes me happy that people see me on social media and use me as a resource.
How does your role contribute to the organization's efforts to improve the local economy?
I am on the Resource Development team and my role is to bring in sponsorships and investments in our community initiatives, events and educational programs. I help keep programs like Leadership Greater Topeka and Forge funded as well as events like Touch-A-Truck and Miracle on Kansas Ave. Events and programs with a longstanding history in our community are beloved and need the resources to continue to grow as our community grows.
What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced while working to improve the local economy, and how have you overcome them?
People not seeking out the information they want to know. Some people don’t see the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep our community moving forward so they assume there is no work. Educating people to seek out the correct information rather than immediately speaking negatively toward the work is a vital part in moving our community forward and changing people’s perceptions of Topeka.

In 2020 Ashlee purchased a 1967 vintage Scotty Serro camper and restored it.

Lake Shawnee

Ashlee and her furry companion, Luna, share a passion for exploring the serene corners of their beloved hometown. You can often find them strolling the winding trails at Lake Shawnee, soaking up the warm summer sun and enjoying the fresh air. Whether they’re taking in the stunning views of the water or simply enjoying each other’s company, Ashlee and Luna find solace in the peacefulness of this picturesque spot. As a true advocate for Topeka’s beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, Ashlee knows firsthand the restorative power of nature and enjoys sharing that joy with her beloved pup.