Callie Zirkle

Membership Sales Manager | 785-215-8580

Introducing Callie Zirkle, the Membership Sales Manager extraordinaire at the Chamber of Commerce! With her infectious smile and magnetic personality, Callie has the unique ability to convince anyone to join the Chamber and be a part of the community.

When she’s not crushing her sales targets, you can find Callie running through the trails with her trusty sneakers or rocking out at a concert. Another hobby that Callie enjoys is trying new beers. She is always up for visiting local breweries and trying different brews.

So if you’re looking for someone to help you take your business to the next level while also having a blast, Callie is your go-to gal. With her expertise in sales, passion for music, and thirst for trying new brews, she’s the perfect mix of professional and fun.

What's one small change that an individual or family can make to contribute to the local economy's growth?
By purchasing goods or services from local businesses, even a small adjustment can have a positive impact on the growth of the local economy. Such a decision can support not only the local businesses but also the individuals and families within the community.
What's your go-to recommendation for a fun, affordable activity or event in the local area that also supports the local economy?
Attending the First Friday Art Walks in the Noto district is my favorite budget-friendly family activity. This event offers free entertainment, live music, and an opportunity to patronize local shops if you plan on shopping.
How does your role contribute to the organization's efforts to improve the local economy?
As the Membership Sales Manager, I play a crucial role in contributing to the organization’s efforts by establishing long-lasting connections with new members. By doing so, I facilitate their growth and enable them to network with other individuals within our community. This not only benefits the members but also helps the organization in building a strong and supportive network.

Callie's love for Gage Park led her to become an Assistant Manager for Shawnee County Parks + Recreation at Gage Park where she even drove the Mini-Train. Her enthusiasm for the park was infectious, and she took great pride in helping visitors have a memorable experience. As a Mini-Train driver, she enjoyed giving tours to children and families, pointing out different landmarks and sharing fun facts about the park.

Iliff Commons

Callie is also a passionate runner. She particularly enjoys running at Illiff Commons in Topeka, Kansas, which features stunning trails that offer a perfect balance of scenic beauty and challenging terrain. If you’re a runner in search of a peaceful and picturesque spot to stay fit, Callie highly recommends checking out Illiff Commons.