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Melissa Sowers

Vice President - Convention Sales & Marketing

Meet Melissa Sowers, a person of many mysteries and few answers. Melissa has lived a life full of experiences, some of which she may or may not want to talk about. She has gone through many ups and downs, from the joys of childhood to the challenges of adulthood, and has had many thoughts, some of which are profound and introspective, while others are fleeting and superficial. Melissa is a person of many contradictions, with a past, present, and future that are as elusive as they are intriguing. When she’s not busy living her life, Melissa can be found doing something or nothing at all, depending on the day and her mood. She is a person of many talents and interests, all of which are hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered by those who are brave enough to look. So who is Melissa Sowers? That’s a question that may never be fully answered, but one thing is certain: she is a person of mystery and intrigue, waiting to be explored by those who are willing to take the journey.

What's one small change that an individual or family can make to contribute to the local economy's growth?
Spend the weekend in Topeka instead of going out of town. Go check out an attraction that you haven’t thought about attending before. Check out Visit Topeka’s event calendar and make plans to check out a local activity.
What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced while working to improve the local economy, and how have you overcome them?
The silo effect. So many Topekans have this set idea about Topeka and how bad it is and they don’t think twice before making a negative comment. My team tries to educate locals about all the fun and exciting things Topeka has to offer as permanent staples and we also assist in bringing in new rotating attractions, such as SUE the T-Rex & Dino Days, along with musical acts and rotating attractions at Discovery Center for the kids.
Can you share a success story or project you've worked on that has had a significant impact on the local community's economic development?
Dino Days. Every time I go somewhere and meet someone new, that is usually one of the first questions that is asked once they realize I work for Visit Topeka, when is the next Dino Days or similar event?

Melissa isn't afraid to get a little muddy! Back in the day, she used to compete in mud-a-thons on her trusty 4-wheeler. Her skills were undeniable, and she even won first place in her freshmen year of college! She's proud to say that she still has the trophy to this day. While she may not be hitting the mud pits as much these days, Melissa still loves to stay active and challenge herself in new ways.

Norsemen Brewing Company

Melissa’s also a trivia aficionado! You can catch her every Tuesday night at the Norsemen Brewing Company putting her knowledge to the test at their weekly Trivia Night with her group of friends. While she’s not dominating the trivia scene, Melissa samples Norsemen’s delicious menu, particularly the Savory and Swede dish and their Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert. So if you’re looking for a fun night out with good company and great beer, look no further than the Norsemen Brewing Company on Tuesdays!