As we all gear up to slow down and take some time with friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us will be asked what we are grateful for.

Typically, we will rattle off things like our health, our loved ones, a myriad of things we tend to take for granted throughout the year but pause as it comes to a close to reflect and give gratitude.

Often, relationships may be cited, but how often do we stop to consider those we have formed through our places of work?

As we find ourselves near the end of the first official year of the Greater Topeka Partnership, it is incredible to look back and reflect on all that has happened and who has made it possible.

Through the implementation of Momentum 2022, various events, partnerships, and traveling together, the Topeka community has every reason to stop and be grateful for the massive strides made over the past year. While many names have been established as pillars in our community, we have been so pleased with the new faces joining us at the table and engaging in conversation and action for the greater good of our city.

And while it is imperative that we remember where we started and move forward together, we can’t help but look toward the new year with an attitude of gratitude.

To our elected officials, volunteer leaders, community members, and every other supporter… thank you. We are grateful for you.