Topeka, KS July 30, 2018– The Topeka/Shawnee County 3% (TSC3) initiative was announced by the Greater Topeka Partnership, Small Business Council, and community leaders today.

The TSC3 initiative promotes business to business local purchasing. The initiative asks small businesses and corporate partners to consider shifting 3% of their spending to local businesses by taking a look at the products and services their company currently purchases and identify which of those could be purchased locally.

“The importance of this campaign cannot be understated,” said Matt Pivarnik, President & CEO of the Greater Topeka Partnership.“ If Shawnee County businesses pledge to shift just 3% of their out of market purchasing to our local market it could improve employment and have an economic impact of up to $200 million.”

“The Small Business Council is asking businesses of all sizes to improve Topeka and Shawnee County by making a small shift in their purchasing that will have big impacts for our community. An additional $200 million in our local economy will help existing businesses grow and new ones to start”, said Nick Xidis, Chairman of the Small Business Council and Owner of Hazel Hill Chocolate.

Businesses who make the pledge will support each other as well as the local economy.

 “The potential of what a campaign like this can do for the local economy is massive,” stated Mayor Michelle De La Isla. “This campaign will improve the economic landscape of Topeka while also increasing the overall community pride through increased partnerships and the support of their fellow local entrepreneurs.”

“Shawnee County is proud to be involved in this campaign, said County Commission Chair Kevin Cook. “An initiative of this level lets businesses lead by example while making Shawnee County their home. Business owners who support business owners and the local workforce keeps dollars in the local economy which helps the overall community thrive.”

Azura Credit Union and FHLBank are among the first corporations to make the pledge to support the TSC3 campaign. Small business owners that make up the Small Business Council will make their pledges to this campaign as well. A complete list of commitments can be found at This campaign is powered by the Greater Topeka Partnership and the Small Business Council. Azura Credit Union is the primary sponsor for the Small Business Council in 2018.

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