Trina Goss

Director, Business & Talent Initiatives

Meet Trina Goss, the vibrant and versatile Director of Business and Talent Initiatives at GO Topeka. With over 20 years of experience in business management and administration, Trina is an expert in her field and an invaluable asset to the Shawnee County community. Her passion for the growth and development of the area is evident in her dedication to serving on several boards of directors, including Heartland Works, TopCity Promise, Junior Achievement, Washburn Tech East Advisory Council, KU School of Business Advisory Council, and the Washburn Career Services Advisory Committee.

When she’s not working to shape the future of the community, Trina can be found exploring all that Topeka has to offer with her daughter Emma. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or traveling, Trina loves to stay active and curious. Her thirst for knowledge and adventure is matched only by her enthusiasm for reading and supporting local businesses. With Trina on the team, the future of the Shawnee County community is bright and full of potential.

What's your favorite local business or entrepreneur that you've worked with, and why?
I have lots of favorites, so I’ll try to narrow it down! My favorite local restaurant is Norseman Brewery because they have a very unique menu and the vibe is awesome. I also love any local business whose passion for the community really shows in their involvement and spirit!
Can you share a funny or heartwarming story from your work in community economic development?
At a recent manufacturing event for high school students, one student was really excited to learn that he could have a career in welding. He said, “My dad has been teaching me how to weld things my whole life. I had no idea you could actually get a good job doing that!” He plans to explore the welding program at Washburn Tech in the future.
What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced while working to improve the local economy, and how have you overcome them?
I think working to improve the economy is always a challenge, no matter what area you are working in. Overcoming any challenge takes diligence, focus, determination and a positive attitude. When you hit a wall, find another way through. And collaborating with others who know more than you do is always important. Someone might have an idea you haven’t thought of or resources you didn’t know were available. Overcoming any big challenge is better with teamwork!

Trina is one of the lead singers in a local band called "The Other Guys," performing rock music covers from the late 1960s through today.

Lake Shawnee

Trina finds solace in the natural beauty of Lake Shawnee and its surroundings. She loves taking leisurely strolls along the paved trail on sunny days, exploring the peaceful waters in her kayak, and relaxing on the benches at Ted Ensley Garden while observing the bustling activity around her. For Trina, Lake Shawnee is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, offering a tranquil retreat for her mind and soul.