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Paul Cervantez

Maintenance Specialist for Downtown Topeka

Meet Paul Cervantez, the quintessential Topekan who has spent his entire life in this wonderful city. Paul is a family man and is happily married with two sons and six grandkids. He is proud to have grown up with two brothers and three sisters who have blessed him with many nieces and nephews.

For almost three decades, Paul has served as a high school basketball referee and has an impressive record of calling it straight down the middle. Additionally, he has a history working as a YMCA Youth Director, molding young minds and making a difference in his community, and operating a press at Mennigers.

In his free time, Paul enjoys cheering on his favorite NASCAR drivers. He also loves to fish, and can often be found at the lake reeling in the catch of the day. Paul is not only an accomplished athlete but has also coached softball and has a passion for the game.

With his outgoing and friendly nature, Paul is a true asset to Topeka and the community he calls home.

Can you share a funny or heartwarming story from your work in community economic development?

In the winter while I am shoveling the snow downtown, business owners go out of their way to come out and thank me for clearing their sidewalks and entryways. That always makes me feel good that I am able to help my downtown community.

How does your role contribute to the organization's efforts to improve the local economy?

I work to keep the downtown area clean and approachable. People won’t come downtown if it looks dirty and run down. I make this look GOOD!

How does the organization involve and engage with the local community to ensure its economic development efforts are aligned with their needs and priorities?

It takes an interest in what Topeka residents are wanting or even need for daily living. It supports work, restaurants, entertainment, etc. 

Paul ran track and was a mural artist while attending Hayden High School.

Rueger Field

Paul Cervantez knows a thing or two about softball, having spent over 26 years between playing and coaching. You can find him enjoying the game at one of his favorite spots in town – Rueger Field, located near 29th and Kansas Ave. With a big and loving family, Paul knows the value of teamwork and community and is always eager to get involved and give back to his hometown of Topeka.