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Women’s History Month celebrates and reflects on the contributions women have made to culture’s and societies all over the world. While celebrating this month, we also acknowledge and call attention to the continued fight for gender equality!

Equity & Opportunity

Equity is at the core of the Greater Topeka Partnership’s Momentum 2027 Strategy. It is embraced by every partner including the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, Visit Topeka, Downtown Topeka, Inc., and GO Topeka. It is an intentional practice in all of our internal and external initiatives.


The Minority & Women Business Development (MWBD) organization is focused on empowering and assisting minority communities and women to start and grow businesses. Through advocacy, providing training and resources, networking, and mentoring, MWBD strives to build a strong and diverse business ecosystem.

Resources, Events, and Info

There’s so much going on in our community for equity and opportunity, you can find the latest information, resources, training and events in the categories below.

Equity and Opportunity Champions

We believe diversity is our strength, equity is our directive and inclusion is the spirit by which we do our work. In policy and practice, we seek to leverage intentional leadership to drive strategic and equitable growth. We are dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion in Shawnee County through community action, events, and fostering small group discussions about social equity. The “Champion Sponsor” is the signature partner for this effort. Thank you to our Equity & Opportunity Champion Sponsors, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kanas and Hill’s Pet Nutrition!