Instill good sleep habits in your children with Amy Hough Sleep Consulting. As a mother of two, Amy Hough experienced firsthand her children’s trials in the sleeping department. As she developed better sleep habits and routines with her children through research, Amy’s passion for sleep quickly grew. This experience inspired her to pursue certification as a pediatric sleep consultant through the Sleep Sense program developed by Dana Obleman.

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“We all have a naturally occurring ‘wake up’ within our sleep cycle. When this happens with a child, they call out for help because mom isn’t there, the pacifier is gone, etc. These disruptions can wreak havoc on a family’s sleep schedule. Luckily, there are gentle methods for parents to help their children learn to self-sooth and fall back to sleep on their own.” 

Amy’s services begin with an in-home or virtual consultation so that she can help customize a plan for you and your children. From there, she will regularly follow up with you to ensure the methods are working. These services can either come over the phone or in person. Review Amy’s sleep solution packages here.

Amy asserts that a guided approach to sleep training may be the difference between an evening of ups and downs and a good night’s sleep. “A generic sleep training book might not work for your unique child. A sleep consultant provides extra support and guidance, tailoring the methods and plan to your child.”

For more information about good sleep habits for your children, visit Amy’s website here!