NOTO sign

During the public input process, stakeholders expressed excitement about new and potential developments in Downtown Topeka, NOTO, and the Kansas Riverfront – all of which are located close together within the region’s core. Topeka-Shawnee County residents also wish to see a greater diversity of social offerings, recreational opportunities, housing options, and live-work-play environments. Working to enhance the region’s core – and ensuring that these areas are well-connected – can significantly improve the community’s quality of place.


2.2 Develop a Dynamic Regional Core

2.2.1 Pursue a catalytic mixed-use development in Downtown Topeka

2.2.2 Incentivize the development of new housing and supportive neighborhood retail in Downtown Topeka

2.2.3 Work with partners at the state level to open the Kansas State Capitol on weekends

2.2.4 Advance the NOTO Arts District Master Plan to accelerate the area’s momentum as a vibrant, creative community

2.2.5 Activate the Kansas River as a destination and recreational amenity

2.2.6 Ensure strong multimodal connectivity within and around the community’s core