A community’s economic competitiveness is increasingly tied to its ability to retain and attract a skilled and educated workforce, and talented individuals are increasingly drawn to areas that are aesthetically pleasing, have plentiful social offerings, and can provide live-work-play environments. Accordingly, quality of place is now an integral part of a holistic approach to economic development. As revealed through the public input process, Topeka-Shawnee County must make numerous enhancements to its quality of place in order to improve both its internal and external image and become a more competitive market for talent. Doing so will require developing or optimizing a range of programs and initiatives.


2.1 Optimize Tools and Programs to Improve Quality of Place

2.1.1 Build public support for public-private partnerships and other incentives and investments that enhance quality of place

2.1.2 Create a restaurant development program to expand social offerings

2.1.3 Identify and attract retailers that expand local options and improve quality of life

2.1.4 Create a community-wide loan program to incentivize new and existing homeowners to rehab high-quality housing stock in need of repairs and updates

2.1.5 Expand and pursue options to address blighted properties and ensure responsible ownership

2.1.6 Adopt a collaborative program of highly targeted neighborhood beautification revitalization

2.3 Invest in Infrastructure that Enhances Quality of Place

2.3.1 Continue to invest in infrastructure that enhances mobility and quality of place

2.3.2 Continue to improve gateways into Topeka-Shawnee County, particularly those connecting the community to population centers