High-performing communities¬†around the country are working to grow and expand their entrepreneurial ecosystems. The goal is not to “pick winners and loser” up front but instead create the type of environment that allows individuals to flourish. Topeka-Shawnee County has multiple entrepreneurial success stories, by significantly improving the communities ecosystem.


3.1 Enhance the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
The following objectives for MOMENTUM 2022 are aligned with Go Topeka Innovation’s strategic goals, They include:

4.1 GT Build a physical infrastructure

4.2. GT Build Regional and national partnerships

4.3 GT Attract Leading Organizations: Industry Assoc. Funds, Gov. Org. Businesses

4.3.3.GT Actively retain organizations that have chosen Topeka as their location by tying them into the overall strategy

5.1 GT Develop and Maintain Programming for Training, Networking and Personal Development

5.2 GT Develop and Maintain a Mentorship Network

5.3 GT Provide Access to Funding and Resource/Services