These activities which form the core of the economic development program that is carried out by GO Topeka, the community’s public-private economic development partnership are aimed at adjusting successful existing programs and ensuring that the community maintains a best-practice approach. Retention and recruitment efforts is part of a holistic approach to economic development and an important complement to new initiatives related to entrepreneurship, quality of place, talent, etc. that are captured elsewhere in this Strategy. Additionally, having the appropriate economic development programming, systems, and staff in place can help ensure that when new opportunities do arise, the community is well-positioned to capitalize on them. 


3.2 Maintain a Best-Practice Economic Development Program

3.2.1 Continue business retention and expansion (BR&E) activities to ensure that Topeka-Shawnee County’s existing firms remain and thrive in the community

3.2.2 Establish business councils to support Topeka-Shawnee County’s target sectors 

3.2.3 Ensure that Topeka-Shawnee County is actively networked in the KC Animal Health Corridor

3.2.4 Conduct a review of GO Topeka’s economic development marketing program to ensure it aligns with industry best practices

3.3 Pursue Policies that Support Holistic Economic Development

3.3.1 Conduct a review of incentive policies to determine if available offerings are sufficiently flexible to support a broad range of economic development goals.

3.3.2 Work collaboratively with regional partners to ensure that advocacy agendas are aligned with strategic community and economic development needs