Gage Park Min Train

Megan Pletcher

Accounting Manager | 913-426-5802

Meet Megan Pletcher – the accounting manager extraordinaire at the Topeka Partnership! But that’s not all she’s got going on. Megan and her husband Tyler are also the dynamic duo behind a thriving cattle ranch 30 miles west and south of Topeka. They’re proud parents of three awesome kids – Joey, Hank, and Rusty – with a fourth little one on the way!

While most of her days are spent taking care of cows on the ranch, Megan is a supermom who always makes time for her little ones. From softball to tee ball and school activities, Joey and Hank are involved in many exciting things, and Megan is their biggest fan and supporter.

As a multitasking master, Megan knows how to juggle the demands of work and family with ease. She’s a natural leader who inspires everyone around her with her positive attitude and infectious energy. Whether she’s crunching numbers at the office or chasing after her kids on the ranch, Megan is always up for a challenge and ready to take on the world.

What's one small change that an individual or family can make to contribute to the local economy's growth?
Shop local! We always try to shop in and around Topeka to help boost the economy and stay close to home!
What's your go-to recommendation for a fun, affordable activity or event in the local area that also supports the local economy?
Enjoying Gage Park and the Topeka Zoo are both affordable activities that my family enjoys several times a year.
What inspired you to work in the field of community economic development?
I want our community to be a positive environment to enjoy with my family. We enjoy doing activities with our kids and like to give our business to our community. Being able to have a positive impact on the community every day, allows my family to enjoy the community later.

Megan is a diehard K-State fan and they try to go to football and basketball home games every year! Go Cats!

Gage Park

When Megan isn’t busy being a superstar accounting manager or a cow whisperer, she loves to spend time with her family at Gage Park. Her kiddos are big fans of the train and carousel, and you’ll often find them taking a spin or two around the park.

And since her husband has a soft spot for yellow roses, no trip to Gage Park is complete without a visit to the Reinisch Rose Garden. Megan and her crew love to admire the vibrant colors and sweet scents of the roses, making for a picture-perfect day out with the family!