Zoo kid with Docent

Mead McMurphy

Events Manager

Introducing Mead McMurphy, an enigmatic figure whose biography reads like a puzzle waiting to be solved. Mead has lived a life full of experiences, from going to school as a kid to doing something else that we can only speculate about. She has thought many thoughts, some of which are profound and insightful, while others are trivial and silly. Mead is a person of many layers, with a past, present, and future that are as complex as they are fascinating. When she’s not busy living life, Mead can be found doing something or nothing at all, depending on her mood and the whims of fate. She is a true enigma, a person with many talents and interests, all of which are shrouded in mystery, waiting to be discovered by those who are bold enough to take on the challenge. So who is Mead McMurphy? That’s a question that only she can answer, and even then, we may never know the full truth.

What's one small change that an individual or family can make to contribute to the local economy's growth?
Purchase from a local small business whenever possible.
What's your go-to recommendation for a fun, affordable activity or event in the local area that also supports the local economy?
Downtown Topeka farmer market. It’s fun to grab a coffee or kombucha at Morning Light and check out all of the different vendors.
In your opinion, what are some of the most important factors in building a strong and sustainable local economy?
Support each other. Order food from your local restaurants, buy groceries from local farms, and find unique gifts from one of the many local boutiques in town. Keep our dollars local.

Mead's love for the theatre has been a long-standing passion, with costume design being her forte. Her interest in costume design began at a young age, and she even bought her first sewing machine when she was only 11 years old. Since then, she has honed her skills and developed an eye for detail, creating stunning costumes that have brought characters to life on stage.

Topeka Zoo

Mead enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring the Topeka community. One of her favorite places to visit is the Topeka Zoo, where she loves seeing the animals and learning about their habitats. It’s the perfect spot for a fun day with family or a casual meet-up with friends.