Depending on where a business is located, there are different permitting agencies that may need to be involved. Below are links for the state, county and city permitting information.

If you need further assistance, please call GO Topeka at 785.234.2644

State of Kansas Permitting

Kansas does not have a Statewide Building Code, as building codes are determined by local jurisdictions, however Kansas does require permitting and environmental regulation. For questions on these issues please contact the resource listed below.

Permits – General Information: 785.296.0669
The Roadmap to Environmental Permits will get you started in your search for permitting information.

Shawnee County Permitting

Shawnee County does not have an adopted building code but does administer a building permit process to assure that all construction is compliant with the requirements of the Shawnee County Zoning Regulations and other adopted county rules and regulations. Through the building permit process, it is the intent of the County to assure orderly, planned, efficient and economical development of the county; that property can be used safely; that adequate public facilities and improvements exist; and, that improvements comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the county.

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City of Topeka Permitting

The City of Topeka is committed to offering one stop assistance to enable a quick and efficient permitting process. Please see contact information below or visit the Topeka Municipal Code Book.

Richard Faulkner
Division Director of Property Code & Development Services
620 SE Madison
Topeka, KS 66607
Phone: 785-368-3704
Fax: 785-368-3915