Communities with higher levels of community attachment tend to perform better economically, suggesting openness is tied to prosperity. The community must work toward building a more diverse and inclusive culture. Diversity and inclusion are important values that cut across all strategic actions, The community must make specific and intentional efforts to include and engage people of color, immigrants, populations, households with limited English proficiency and other historical under served communities. Aligned with understanding of importance toward building a strong community and encouraging residents to feel a sense of “ownership” of their neighborhoods to improving public health and safety. Working collaboratively to address these issues can have both major positive impact on the lives of individual residents and create a culture of community pride and cohesion that can drastically improve Topeka-Shawnee County’s Self image.


5.1 Foster and Promote a Diverse and Inclusive Topeka-Shawnee County

5.1.1 Establish a diversity business council to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion

5.1.2 Establish a community-wide program to connect new and existing employee resource groups (ERGs) that promote diversity and inclusion

5.1.3 Promote diversity on boards in Topeka- Shawnee County

5.2 Encourage Healthy, Safe, and Engaged Communities

5.2.1 Create a community-wide volunteer initiative focused on neighborhood improvements and bridging geographic and cultural gaps

5.2.2 Support “social enterprise” startups and small businesses that serve the community

5.2.3 Create an anchor-based community wealth building (CWB) initiative to expand opportunities and build wealth in low-income communities

5.2.4 Adopt a collaborative approach to public safety

5.2.5 Continue to support Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods and other initiatives identified in the Shawnee County Community Needs Assessment