Topeka Has Momentum

In 2017 Topeka and Shawnee County initiated a five year, holistic plan to leverage the traction that was already taking place in our community. Aptly named Momentum 2022, the plan was widely embraced and was spearheaded by the mayor, the county commission and Keith Warta, CEO of Bartlett & West who represented the private industry. Over the last four years it has seen wonderful success in five concentrated areas. Just some of these highlights that we as a community are proud of include:

Develop Homegrown Talent Create Vibrant & Attractive Places Grow a Diverse Economy Positive Image Collaborate for a Strong Community
Choose Topeka Evergy Plaza Innovation & Animal Health Net Promoter Score Inclusive Topeka
Washburn Tech East Redbud Park Plug & Play Earned Media Success Seat at the Table
TopCity Interns Riverfront Advisory Council Walmart Distribution Center Choose Topeka Lifestyle Campaign Digital Equity
TopCity Teachers Downtown Master Plan Innovation Campus National Rankings and Recognition  
Topeka Youth Commission $100M in Downtown Investment GO Topeka wins/metrics Home Values and Market Outpaces Nation  
Early Childhood Development Bring Back the Boulevard Poverty down 44%    
  Wheatfield Village GDP up $1B    
  Sherwood Crossing Average Wages up 33%    
  Wanamaker Hills Wheatfield Village Updates    
  Stormont Vail Event Center      

As this strategy sunsets and we celebrate these successes, it is time to begin the plans for the next phase of our growth and so we are proud to announce the first steps toward 

As this new strategy is built, the steering committee has begun to discuss what areas we need to concentrate for the next five years but we want the publics input as well. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey linked above and let us know what you would like to see our unified efforts go toward and be a part of shaping the community you want to see. 

Momentum 2022 purpose: To ensure Topeka and Shawnee County is the prime destination in the region for talent, jobs and investment. We will focus on our strengths to enhance the allure of Topeka and Shawnee County.
Momentum 2022 vision: Topeka and Shawnee County are recognized throughout Kansas and beyond as a vibrant place to live, work and play; a prime location for business relocation and a community rich in opportunity for all who seek a creative, innovative and supportive environment in which to build their lives and raise their families.